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You have a statutory 14-day right of refund

What our clients say

"An excellent system! Trustworthy and secure - I have an overview of my capital at all times.
Melissa S.
"I like the transparency a lot, Icc has the absolute overview at all times and the capital stays with me, which makes it even better."
Hall R.
"The performance is promising, the biggest result so far: doubling your account in 5 days, that's the way to go!"
Quintin A.
"Absolutely new to investment, it was so easy and lucrative, I did not expect it, I'm looking forward to the future."
Jillie T.
Self employed

Readers say

We are closer to the investing and the markets than anyone else. That makes us unrivaled!


Transparency and profitability is the best result. Therefore, we do not talk much, but let deeds speak!



Most asked questions - and their answers

Wallstreet Story creates a win-win relationship: We only earn when you earn. You’re creating an account with one of Europe’s most prestigious brokers, linking your account to our trading account and that’s it. Then you can watch your account grow.

Your capital is deposited every second safely with a deposit-secured and renowned broker. The money never leaves your account and we never get into it at any point. Everything stays with you. Transparency and honesty are our most important maxims

Our systems have produced unparalleled results in recent years and are market-unequaled. We expect returns of up to 30% per month, tending even more. But of course we can not guarantee that, but we are extremely confident that we will deliver even better performance!

A total loss is excluded. Our systems have never experienced a major loss for 10 years. In addition, your accounts are protected from a certain value (usually 30% drawdown).

Since we act according to European law, all steps are disclosed transparently. Means: You do not have to pay attention! Everything you see will be done the same way.

Of course, your profits must be adequately taxed according to your registered residence. You can easily do this with your tax advisor.

Our systems trade in the publicly available forex markets. This means we trade currency pairs. This is recognized worldwide and is a very official activity.

We work with a very well-known European broker – Roboforex. Look at reviews or opinions – they speak for themselves!

We work 100% transparent. Therefore, there are three ways to get the full overview.

  1. Log into your member area at your broker Roboforex via your web browser and see all of your account-related information.
  2. Go to the App Store or the Play Store and download the trading platform MetaTrader 4. Log in with your account details and see in real-time all open trades and your live account balance.
  3. In addition, you receive daily, weekly and monthly detailed reports automatically from Roboforex, your broker, sent by email with the complete overview.

The minimum investment is just 699 €. These are made up of together

500 € Invetsment + 199 € one-time membership fee.

There are no additional costs and you can enlarge your investment without additional costs.

Only $199

No hidden costs, complete transparency